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"I always keep the Lomo in the back of my car and it has paid off; over cobble stones, over the grass to watch the football etc. etc. Great product"


Since 1989 Stricker have developing and manufacturing handcycles and accessories for wheelchairs. As Europes oldest handcycle manufacturer they have a wealth of experience and expertise in developing high quality, innovative bikes for almost any need.
Using handcycles for recreation or sport or simply to enhance your mobility on rough ground, there is a solution for you...

Stricker Quick Attachment System
Last Updated:
November 17, 2010
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Electrolomo powered 3rd wheel

Do I need to modify my everyday wheelchair before using a Stricker cycle?

No. The unique attachment system clamps onto all active chairs. Fixed or swing away foot plates are compatible.

2) Do I need to be really fit to enjoy a cycle?

No. Stricker bikes come in a huge range of models, from sports bikes to power assist cycles through to powered wheels that simply drive you along. Paraplegic and Quad/tetra versions of all bikes can be specified.

3) What makes these bikes so special?

Over 20 years experience of cycle manufacture with hundreds of users across Europe combined with the highest standards of German engineering. Added are unique features like the attachment system, infinite frame adjustment and the option to specify bespoke parts to make your cycle YOURS.

4) Can I try one before I buy?

Yes. We recommend you try Stricker bikes before buying. This allows us to correctly measure you for the bike and we can discuss the huge range of options and accessories available. Over 20 years Stricker have found solutions for many bespoke applications; just tell us what you are looking for!

5) How do I find out more?

Contact us! Either by putting your name and E-mail into the form above or by dropping us a message.

Hand Cycle Attached

Molten Jack LO GO


LUPO Cycle


PUMA Mountain Cycle

Ultra Sport Cycle

LUPO Recumbent Handcycle [New in 2011]
The Lupo is a fantastic entry into the sport of handcycling Design includes; easy transfer thanks to 'step down' back rest, splitting frame for transport/storage, 20" or 26" wheels, huge range of accessories for performance or touring.
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Electroquad power assist handcycle
The Electroquad is the soluion for those who require some extra power when cycling. If you have limited arm strength the powerful electric motor can provide variable assistance as you cycle to get up hills and maintain a good speed. The easy start feature drives for 5 seconds to overcome inertia and get things going. Chin controls for all features can be provided if hand function is a problem.
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Chin controls for gear shiftingChin controls for all functions

PUMA Mountain Handcycle [New in 2011]
The Puma mountain handcycle is unique and exciting. Designed to provide more mobility to handcycles that traditionally struggle to climb steep, loose surfaces with front wheel drive. Puma is rear wheel drive through a specialist deferential. On demand assistance gives you the extra power to ride over surfaces and gradients that previously would have been impossible. Available with many accessories including beach tyres (pictured).
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Ultra Sport 20", 24" and 26" handcycle
The Ultra Sport models for high performance recreational cycling. Ultra sport bikes can be specified with a wide rage of options; including different gearing ratios, wheel sizes, brake arrangements and grip arrangements. Above all the Ultra Sport bikes are about a high quality, high performance riding experience.

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Litholomo/Electrolomo powered 3rd wheel
Electrolomo NT has been designed to give you extra mobility. A lightweight frame that can be fitted to any manual wheelchair: rigid, folding with swing away foot rests or fixed. A powerful motor that is almost silent. Easy to manage controls including disc and V braking. Simply ride up to the Electrolomo NT, clip on, and you're good to go...

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Lomo luggage carrying


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