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Home of the Boma - Award winning Off Road Wheelchair. Boma is the solution for off road mobility for individuals with mobility impairments such as paraplegia and tetraplegia.

  • Wheelchair add-on cycles and electric trikes suffer from poor range, traction and stability...
  • Downhill wheelchairs need hills; without them they are heavy to push...
  • Other off road vehicles are difficult to transfer into, heavy to push, bulky and limited in range...

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The Boma is designed specifically for use by wheelchair users; you can bring your chair so close to the Boma seat that often a sliding board isn't needed. Seat height (approx 57cm to cushion top) is comparable with an everyday wheelchair.

Control of braking, acceleration and steering can be done without the need for hand function due to the bespoke handlebar arrangement.

Rear Motor and Brake

Front Suspension and Brake
Balanced Magura hydraulic disc brakes give sure footed braking.

Rear brakes (option) combined with regerative motor braking give added security and confidence.

The Boma has been proven through expedition use across Africa, winter in the Alps and, most importantly by our customers.

A Boma is extremely capable off road, and provides a tremendous feeling of and security as you cross terrain that would otherwise be completely inaccessible.

Dampened coil sprung independent front suspension with 7.5cm travel to keep the wheels in contact with the surface.

Independent rear suspension with adjustable coil or air spring units; a smooth ride over rough terrain...>

Rear Suspension

Two 36V motors provide independent drive to the rear wheels giving speed ranges of 0-4mph and 0-8mph, complete with regenerative braking to recharge batteries as you slow down.

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Includes: Boma chair with standard seating, Two NiMH batteries & charging unit. Excludes delivery)
International shipping can be arranged.

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The Boma wheelchair now has a wide range of accessories available, giving you more opportunities for adventure. >

"It just makes you want to drive over stuff&

"My physio tried to find somewhere that it wouldn't go, tip it, fall out of it, go up curbs / steps / hills in it and generally "beat it" but he failed... Well done Molten Rock..."

"The Boma is a wonderful machine that would give an amazing amount of freedom to whoever used it..."

Boma can dismantle into six components for simple transport in the back of a medium family size car; backrest collapses, rear wheels are removed, front wheels removed and the frame can be split. Weight of heaviest section is 18kg.
Backrest and Handlebars Folded Rear Wheel Carriers Detached Front Wheels Released Track Rods and Frame Separation


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