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Molten Rock was created in 2004 to develop innovative equipment with a focus on aesthetics, quality and design.

It was born out of the frustrations of a group of wheelchair users, tired of sharing their lives with equipment that accentuates their disabilities instead of reflecting their lifestyles, interests and abilities. By developing desirable, high quality products that embody the adventurous, outdoors spirit, we are taking a proactive role in changing perceptions about assistive equipment.

Molten Rock is keen to support adventurous individuals and projects focusing on outdoor activities. Our first expedition was the Driving Home project. We will also be showing the Boma 7 wheelchair throughout the next few months to gain valuable feedback from other riders across the country. If you would like to get involved, please get in touch.

We want to support and help all those active spirits who want to get out into the great wide open despite any mobility impairments they may have. We want to make it even easier and more cost effective to get out there and do what you want to do. And when you come home, we want you to be able to reflect your lifestyle in the assistive equipment that surrounds you.

We are currently working hard to put together a range of products that embody the values of Molten Rock. Please Contact Us and we'll keep you up to date with demonstrations and exhibitions across the UK.


New for 2011 is the awesome Boma 7 off road wheelchair and we are also proud to be UK distributors for the Stricker range of German made handcycles and powered bikes.

Whether you are looking for the best off road wheelchair available, an exciting sport handcycle for exercise, an accessory to make it easier getting on the beach or something to get round the local park; Molten Rock have the solution for you.

See you soon!

Chris & The Team.

Molten Rock Equipment Ltd

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