Boma All Terrain wheelchair/Scooter giving access to the countryside to almost any level of physical disability.

Boma 7 Joystick

TRIM8The Joystick Boma 7 is based on the standard chair chassis.  It features the same suspension, drive and ground clearance as the handlebar chair with additional control technology.

Operating a Boma 7 Joystick can be a revelation, particularly if you are used to using an indoor/outdoor powered wheelchair; there is so much clearance over obstacles and so much grip!

You’ll find yourself floating over previously impassable terrain; the feeling of freedom is fantastic.

The handlebar chair is extremely easy to use even for individuals with limited arm and hand strength.  But for those riders who need that extra assistance we have developed Boma 7 Joystick.

The Dynamic Controls DX2 system is easily programmed to your driving style.

Easy and simple to use, the Joystick can be operated by a wide variety of ability levels with adjustable driving limits such as maximum speed/acceleration.  Depending on your requirements, the control can be mounted on the left or right side of the seat base, or positioned as an attendant control or chin control.  Specialist arm and hand supports ensure you feel comfortable and secure.

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