Boma All Terrain wheelchair/Scooter giving access to the countryside to almost any level of physical disability.

Welcome to The Herd – the home of BOMA owners the world over…

A few weeks ago, three BOMA owners visited our office here at Rook Tree Farm on the same day roughly at the same time. That sunny afternoon we shared teas, custard creams and so much more – love of the outdoors, stories, BOMA experiences… So it gave us an idea!

We are delighted to announce that we have just created “The Herd” – a group for all BOMA owners to share, chat and discuss your Boma, your experiences and your explorations with other like minded individuals.

Many of the BOMA owners have said to us in the past:

“What if we had a BOMA challenge?”

“What if we hosted a BOMA event at our farm?”

“What if I shared my routes with others?”

The Herd is just the place. We are very much looking forward and open to all your ideas so do not hesitate to suggest!

To join, click on the link below:

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