Boma All Terrain wheelchair/Scooter giving access to the countryside to almost any level of physical disability.

Tackle The Mud – Get More Out Of Your Glastonbury Experience

Finally, it is that time of the year. Long summer days, picnics and festivals. Festivals that to a manual wheel-chair user may seem “akin to watching something wild and wonderful happening beyond a glass wall; a full-on party that I am invited to but can never quite reach”. The muddy tracks that are happily trodden on by thousands of pairs of Wellingtons of every pattern and colour imaginable that seem unaccessible for a wheel-chair user? They don’t have to be. Our BOMA7 All-Terrain wheel-chair loves muddy tracks. We say, Bring It On!

We are honoured to offer free-of-charge hire of our BOMA7 All-Terrain wheelchair for the duration of Glastonbury festival. You must have a valid Glastonbury 2015 ticket and be a blue badge holder.

Interested? Get in touch now. E-mail Julia at  with Tackle The Mud in the subject line to apply. No entries after June 5th, 2015.


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