Boma All Terrain wheelchair/Scooter giving access to the countryside to almost any level of physical disability.

Your Boma7 Questions Answered

We are often asked the same questions during the Boma demonstrations and exhibitions; how do I transfer?, Does the chair have reverse?, How fast will a Boma go?
In this blog post we hope to answer some of these frequently asked questions and show the main points that make the chair so accessible and adaptable. If there is anything we missed, please feel free to contact us.

How do you transfer onto the Boma7?

The Boma7 is designed for quick and easy transfer. The handlebars can be removed and the front wheels can be swung around, enabling you to bring your everyday chair right up to the Boma 7 seat for sliding transfer. A hoisted transfer is also possible.


Are there various sizes of Boma 7 chair?

The Boma 7 is available in one standard size (seat base 17×17″/ 42x42cm). However, the seating, controls and footplate are fully adjustable, allowing the Boma 7 chair to be enjoyed by riders of different ages and heights (from 4ft. to 6’6ft.). The maximum user weight for the Boma 7 is 110kg.

What is the speed of the Boma 7 chair?

As a mobility device that is legally allowed on footpaths and bridleways, the Boma7 is limited to a maximum speed of 8mph (faster than it sounds when riding through the forest!). And, yes, the Boma does have reverse.

What is the range of a Boma 7 chair?

On typical farm trails (hard broken surface, slight gradients, grass and mud) we would expect 12-16 miles from a Boma 7 on one set of batteries. This figure is approximate and depends on terrain conditions, loading of the chair and ambient temperature.

Some users purchase a second set of batteries and simply swap them at a journey halfway point. These can be carried in the Bob cycle trailer or in a backpack.

What is the price of the Boma 7 chair?

Price is dependent on options and any bespoke requirements you may have. We would recommend a demonstration so you can try the Boma for yourself. Please contact us to arrange this. (As an indication a basic chair is £8,775 GBP ex VAT.)
Price Includes: Boma chair with standard seating, Two batteries & charging unit. Excludes delivery. International shipping can be arranged. Are you registered disabled? Should you be paying VAT? Find out more..>

Can I ‘try before I buy?’

Yes! Please contact us to arrange a free demonstration in your local forest or field!

Does the Boma 7 come with any guarantee or warranty?

Yes, the Boma 7 has a 12 month warranty.

Can I purchase a Boma 7 chair internationally?

Yes, we can ship a Boma chair to Europe or you can purchase through our dealers in Spain or France.
New Zealand customers can get a demonstration from Independent Journeys, our New Zealand dealer.US customers currently need to purchase in the UK and arrange shipping to the United States (we can provide specialist shipping containers). Please check our international contacts

Is the Boma 7 road legal in the UK?

The Boma 7, when fitted with our optional road lighting kit, becomes a Class 3 Mobility Device and is covered by the appropriate regulation. More information can be found here.
Together with the free registration process with the DVLA, you should also obtain at least third party insurance cover for the Boma. See below.We would recommend the use of high visibility clothing, a cycle helmet and warning flag when using on the road. Always ride responsibly.

Do I need insurance to ride the Boma?
We recommend that anyone operating a Boma 7 in a public area should have at least third party cover. Fish Insurance are a specialist company working within the mobility sector and have existing experience of the Boma product. We would recommend their services.:

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