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Tough Road/Trail Lighting
by Solid Lights

The unique Solidlights modular casing is made from custom extruded 6060-T6 aluminium with precision CNC machined end panels and neoprene weather seals, making it seriously rugged.

Because Solidlights contain no glass parts, they can easily cope with the rough-and-tumble of mountain biking or the knocks and bumps of everyday commuting. There's no risk of being left with a burnt out or broken bulb, because the LEDs are rated to last more than 20,000 hours.

Solidlights contain advanced electronics with microprocessor control to make the most of the brightness of the LEDs and power of the batteries. Even though they're sealed within the weatherproof housing, the electronics have a waterproof coating and are baked dry to keep them reliable.

Price: £615

(Front, rear, braking, indicators and hazard lighting. Lighting system uses the wheelchair power supply; no batteries)

Yak trailer

BoB Yak

Expedition-proven around the world, the Yak has tremendous strength for its weight. Shown here with included Dry Sak.

The YAK trailer is the original Beast of Burden (BOB) product. This versatile cargo carrier has become the choice of cyclists the world over for both on and off-road use.
(For more information please visit the BoB website)


Price: £355 including Dry Sak

Weight: 7.1kg with bike QR and mudguard but without bag or flag
Payload: 35kg
Cage Capacity: 90l

Ibex trailer


Designed for improved handling off-road, the Ibex features adjustable rear suspension to ensure that your load handles as well as your bike. Supplied with a shorter yoke than the Yak, for 26" wheels.

(For more information please visit the BoB website)


Price: £430including Dry Sak

Weight: 7.6kg with bike QR and mudguard but without bag or flag
Cage volume: 90l
Maximum load: 35kg

For those who would prefer to carry the Boma in a trailer between sites, we recommend the P6e.

Like all Ifor Williams trailers, the P6e unbraked trailers are designed and constructed for maximum strength and durability.

Transport Trailer

Price: £743.18 inc VAT

(Trailer complete with lighting kit, ready to use.)

The P6e has a floor area of 1.21m x 1.98m and a maximum gross weight of 500kg.


Duro Wildlife 26" Tyre

This is a great off-road tyre with a round profile with reinforced sidewalls offering agility and grip.

When riding on these tyres you feel you can ride up or over anything. Recommends using a rim of 28mm width or more . Reinforced side walls, aggressive tread, 70mm wide over the knobbles.

Available with 26x3" heavy-duty Duro inner-tube or without.
Colour Black.


Price: £29 each

Size: 26x3.0"
Rim Size: 26" (actually 559mm)
Min. rim width: 28mm
Colour: Black
Type: Muni, Off-Road, XC
Pressure: 15 - 35 PSI (1 -2.5 Bar)
Weight: 1860g

Maxxis Maxx Daddy 20" Tyre

One massive fun tyre. These tyres have a reputation for being big and grippy. They offer a lot of rubber to the ground.


Price: £11.13 each

Size: 20x2.25"
Rim Size: Standard 20" (actually 406mm)
Colour: Black Pressure: 40 PSI
Weight: 635g

Endomorph Tyre - Sand and snow. 26x3.7"
If you really fancy the soft stuff, try the widest tyre currently available!

The use of low pressure allows the tire casing to spread out on the ground, providing greater traction and floatation due to the increased footprint. Weve run our tires as low as 5 psi in deep snow, but 8-10 psi is generally low enough for most snow and sand riding. Want to ride on harder surfaces? Pump em up to 15 psi, if the surface is hard, but rough&.up to 28 psi, if youre riding pavement or smooth, hard dirt. Of course, this is just a guideline. Trial and error/success is the best way to determine what pressure will best compliment your riding style, trail (or lack thereof) conditions and your weight.


Price: £74.99 each

(Extra Large Tube 26x3.0-4.0"
Presta Valve
£10.99 each)

Push Alloy Bottle Cage

Light Weight Alloy Consruction
Ideal for both Road and MTB

Price: £3.99

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