Boma All Terrain wheelchair/Scooter giving access to the countryside to almost any level of physical disability.

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Boma 7 4Business

The new BOMA7 4B is our proven electric Boma 7 optimised to add value to your business. Including features requested specifically by hire operations and outdoor activity centres.

The Boma for the shared use commercial environment

  • Additional management features such as SMS controlled GPS tracking, including emergency call button.Additional supervisor features such as “Stop” buttons and remote cut-off switch.
  • Additional supervisor features such as “Stop” buttons and remote cut-off switch..
  • Upgraded warranty including a replacement Boma service.

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Product Description

Boma is a electrically powered all terrain mobility solution designed to accommodate a range of physical impairments. Steel tube chassis, all-round suspension, powerful drive axle and low centre of gravity make the Boma extremely capable and stable off-road.
Design for easy access for wheelchair/seated position as well as from standing position; the front wheel of the Boma can be swung out of the way, allowing extra space to draw your wheelchair in the transfer. Boma seat height is approximately 55 cm. A pressure relief cushion can be added if required.
Standard seating is heavily padded adjustable nylon upholstery backrest with lap safety belt which must be in place for the Boma to operate.

Boma7 B4B incorporates features not included on standard chairs, such as SMS satellite tracking, seating accessories and key and/or remote speed control/shut off.

Additional Information

Lap belt

Can featuring electronic shut off. Boma belt must be in position before the chair will start.

4 Point Seating Harness

RMS 4 point postural seating harness to keep the rider comfortable and stable over rough ground.


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