Boma All Terrain wheelchair/Scooter giving access to the countryside to almost any level of physical disability.

Peak District Customer Weekend

In the summer of 2015 we had an idea to put together an experience day for our customers; somewhere we could get together, ride Boma chairs, share experiences and adventures and hopefully begin to build a user community.

After much planning, we headed up to the Peak District on the Friday evening in the rain to our hosts for the weekend Hoe Grange Holidays. After a warm welcome and a good feed we got our heads down ready for Saturday’s adventures.

13062097_10153561127079786_1058000722502144304_nThankfully, Saturday morning dawned fair and bright at the Hoe Grange Farm and looking round the car park we could see Boma chairs in trailers and Boma chairs in vehicles; it was looking like a good day already.

After breakfast we set up the obstacle course; the aim being to get over the obstacles without losing any water from the container mounted on the front of the Boma, and without hitting any of the bollards.

It was fantastic to see Boma users with quadriplegia, MS, MND and CP all competing on the same basis. (And remember, you’re supposed to slow down when going over the seesaw, Lucy!)

13000366_10153561128729786_472840847862311899_nAfter the Smooth Operator obstacle course it was back indoors for a hot cuppa and a big plate of Chile to thaw out.

Now it was time to assemble all the Boma chairs and head off across the top of the hills with family and friends following on foot and with bikes. Destination was, a local viewing point, enabling you to see for 60 miles in every direction.

Of course, the Boma coped easily with the axle twisting terrain, carrying everybody safely up and safely down again. But then the day was not about being an extreme sports person. The day was about building a community, friendship and fun between Boma owners and judging by the comments, later that night, the day had been a massive success.

13015263_10153561133514786_85800706194910092_nIf you would like to take part in the 2017 Customer Appreciation Event, the answer is very simple; purchase a Boma as quickly as possible and await further instructions

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